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01.  Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We help to deliver from China. For detailed information please contact our service agent.

02.  Who should I contact if I have any queries?

Please contact us with e-mail buyagent@acrovia.com ,chat with us when available or submitt question form(anser within 24 hours) .

03.  How can I cancel or change my order?

Please contact us for confirmation. When ticket has been created and order has been confirmed, cancellation could not be accepted.

04.  How can I return a product?

As you selected  the goods by yourself, we could help to contact the seller for returning a product, please contact our sales agent.

05.  How long will it take to get my package?

It depends which class of delivery you has paid from 3days to 14days. Economy Chinese post 10-40days. Please consult our agent.

06.  Who will pay the Custom Duty and VAT?

In case of any Custom's duty and VAT at your county,  you need to pay on your own when receiving your order.

07.  How can I avoid the risk of getting a cheap quality ?

Please always keep in mind that do not buy the cheapest, buy from the seller with higher reviewn comments is highly recommanded.

www.tmall.com has goods with a higher quality than www.taobao.com but more expensive.

Please always pay attention to "Cumulative Comments" and "Transaction Record".

08 .  How to search and any demos?

Yes, many detailed informations, visit our demo site at  facebook  and  twitter


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