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Shopping from large marketplaces online in China

Guider for buying from China

1. First download our order form, you may fill in it while you surfing the internet and prepare shopping.

2.Use googles translate (right click on web page translate into English). or or

Fill out your order form during the time and copy paste needed.

3.Register as a user of our system, you might have already done that.

4. Fill in the work sheets "Order Form" and "Details", contact our service agent if you have any question.  It is recommanded that you check it again before your payment. When you open a ticket it is better to have the ticket number in the Order Form.

5.After a ticket has been created. The ticket number will be the reference to check your order status when you login.

6. The first payment for the products and domestic freight shall be made before we  confirm the purchase with chinese seller.

8. When order has been delivered into our warehouse in China, the final international freight will be added and sent for your second payment. Please note that we could only keep your goods in our warehouse for 30 days. In case of any problem , please contact us.

9.The second payment for the international delivery shall be made after receiving our final calculations. We will update the order form for the payment status.

10. After receiving your goods, you may close the ticket with comments and help us to improve our services.

Thank you and enjoy your shopping !

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